Lyceum 1.0.2 Released

主要是處理一些的 Bug 修正,和更改 Session 的處理。Session 已經可以選擇要擺放在特定目錄之下,或是存至 Database 之中。這對需要整合其他的軟體是非常方便的,可以讓不同的軟體存取同樣的 Session 。

你可以透過此頁下載其原始碼,或是透過 svn 下載。

修正或是新增列表如下: Bugs fixed:

  • Reintegrating some UI elements in the system settings which were removed in 1.0.1
  • Refining the expiration behavior of sessions and session data, which should take care of any remaining instances of the rare but nasty premature token expiration bug

New features:

  • The ability to specify a custom path for keeping file-syste-based php session files (highly recommended on servers running multiple php applications).
  • The ability to activate the experimental db-based session store system (this feature will be fully supported in Lyceum 1.1)
  • Lyceum now identifies itself as Lyceum and not WordPress when pinging blog tracking services such as technorati or
  • Drastically reduced and better organized markup generation for the system admin screens

注意事項:wp-config.php 略有修正,如果你想要使用新板的話,請重新修改新的 wp-config.php 。